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Outerknown Clothing: For The People & Planet

Recently my husband, T.J. discovered a new men’s clothing line called Outerknown. Created by surf legend, Kelly Slater. Outerknown believes that “you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability – the two should be synonymous.”

Outerknown clothing is a great option for men living in the Northwest (or anywhere for that matter). This brand is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you are going surfing, heading up to the mountains, or just playing at the park with your child, you’ll find comfortable and stylish clothing.

As someone who is an avid waterman and environmentally conscious, my husband was immediately drawn to the brand Outerknown. This brand has a great collection of men’s everyday wear from jeans to pants to button down shirts and polos. When my husband received his first shipment of clothing, he was super impressed with both the quality and comfort of the clothes. Shortly after receiving his first shipment of clothes, he decided to order more spring layering clothes from Outerknown. He loves knowing that he’s supporting a company that promotes sustainability.

Here are a few of my husband’s favorite new clothes from Outerknown (click on photo for product details):

Pictured Here: Outerknown Men’s Jeans and S.E.A. Shirt

Pictured Here: Outerknown Men’s Jeans and Blanket Shirt

Pictured Here: Outerknown Men’s Jeans and Transitional Flannel

Have you heard of Outerknown before? Coming soon, Outerknown will be launching a women’s sustainable line of clothing!

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